Saturday, April 9, 2016

Five Dollar Fingers

One of my favorite sayings is, "If you have five dollar fingers, buy a five dollar knife." I don't think a knife is better, just because it costs more, but you get what you pay for is an accepted truism. I don't want a lock failing and cutting tendons or a poorly heat treated blade snapping off due to a little torque or occasional rough use. Unfortunately, I have an eye for quality. It was very common for me to look in a case with fifty knives at the Blade Show and be immediately drawn to the most expensive one. It wasn't based on flashiness, gimmicks, collector value, or some armchair warrior's blog; it was years of hard firsthand experience and years of watching and picking the minds of great knife makers.
A Mercedes and a Volkswagen might look similar on the outside, but it is what is not immediately visible to the naked eye that makes the difference.
I believe in being prepared short term and long term. That is why I EDC (Every Day Carry) for a SHTF worst case scenario, because I cannot predict when or what that might be. I keep a solid proven fixed blade in each of my family member's Bug-Out-Bag and vehicle's trunk kits as well as other tools, gear, and supplies.
I EDC a couple of knives, a multi-tool, a tactical flashlight all the time (other than in bed or the shower), and a pistol the great majority of the time. I carry quality gear that works and has the lowest probability of failure within my means. I carry what I would want to have in
The more you immerse yourself in the knife world, the clearer quality and value will become. Hang on to your fingers and other irreplaceable body parts. Buy quality. Buy American. Support your local custom knife makers.

Combative Edge PX-41 Tactical Utility folder (designed by myself) shown.

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