Thursday, March 16, 2017

Feminism: Progressive Philosophy of the Damned

I had an SJW douchebag get his panties in a wad because I used the phrase "attractive women" and I had the audacity to say I was not a feminist. Feminism is a philosophy of exclusion, not inclusion. It ostracizes and divides rather than welcomes and heals. Does women making efforts to be noticeable for physical attributes make them sexist, or is it just on the men for noticing? Equality doesn't equal special treatment. Everyone, regardless of gender, age, religion, education, national origin, race, sexual orientation, intelligence, etc, deserves equal treatment. However, having many equal opportunities will never guarantee equal efforts or results. The failure is not always the System's. Throwing the forest at the trees every time something might have the potential to be deemed sexist or racist, rather than seeking truth and understanding will continue to make it every man and woman for themselves. I think feminism is a doomed philosophy. That doesn't make me sexist, a woman hater, a neanderthal, or a male chauvinist pig. It makes me realistic, awake, and alert. The following article is a great example of the mindset of the damned.

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Superbowl In Name Only

 This is the first Superbowl that I have been indifferent to in several years. The Green Bay Packers extensive injuries made showing up almost an exercise is futility, yet they never quit and had some awesome and inspired victories. My season pretty much ended with theirs.

I have a strong general disliking for classless egomaniac, cheating fuck, anti-role model, Tom Brady, and by association the New England Patriots.

I couldn't name a Falcon other than Matt Ryan since Devin Hester left, but I like their logo far more than the Carolina Panthers Hello Kitty/worst panther illustration ever/bad joke logo and they're almost local.

Colin Kaepernick polluted a national pastime with his ignorant, shortsighted, dumbass, pseudo-racist, BLM protests, and the NFL rolled over and let him. They fucking rolled over and let him, but FSM help the player who wears unauthorized shoelaces. We have to draw the line somewhere.

Football was once a manly sport. Those in the know called it Battle Cheese because it is as much intellectual as physical. Now it is a political business of millionaires hurting each other and whining about having to do what they get paid so well to do.

The thrill is gone. Dead and gone.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017, More or Less.

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Twisted Faces - Caricature Art from Rock Cowles

Twisted Faces - Caricature Art from Rock Cowles
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