Sunday, August 3, 2014

Holy Hypocrites!

I posted this happy little barb on MY facebook page as a general reminder that hypocrisy sucks and was rewarded with the standard "Don't persecute me for my beliefs" shitstorm. Funny how its still okay to persecute the Gays... Go figure.
Calling Gays sinners and persecuting them, then saying you would never intentionally hurt people or you will pray for them is insane. Its like running down pedestrians without ever touching your brakes or adjusting your steering and then blaming them for not being in the *crosswalk. 

Saint Augustine said, "Hate the sin, but love the sinner." 

I had it totally ingrained in me growing up that being gay was vulgar and despicable and that gays were beneath contempt. I still get the heebie jeebies being around gays (of both sexes) engaging in Public Displays of Affection. Guess what? That's just too fucking bad for me. No really. I can be offended or disturbed all I'd like. Its my problem, not theirs. If one set of consenting adults is allowed to do something, any set should. I don't have to like it and its none of my business unless someone is trying to force me to partake. I have gay friends and family that I love. The residual discomfort that I have from growing up in a typical Puritanical American community with our sanctioned prejudice against homosexuals is small penance compared to what others have gone through for having the audacity to be born gay and love someone of the same sex.

Gays don't want your prayers, love, or acceptance. They want you to mind your own fucking business. Get over it and get over yourself. If you don't like sick, twisted and unnatural then burn your bibles. You remember that book that says if I rape a virgin and I get caught I have to keep her and pay her pimp daddy 50 shekels for her ass. Lucky fucking her, getting to be my punishment for life. (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)

Drop the labels and judge people by what they do with one rule: Respect other's persons and property. That's it. The Golden Rule.



  [kraws-wawk, kros-] noun A very narrow and confined path from here to there within an insanely complex set of rules and a large number of blind spots that ignores all other ways and opportunities and may or may not get you to your destination without getting flattened by a random church bus, a nun on a moped, or the Hand of God.

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