Thursday, June 4, 2009

Knife Rights

As many of you may know, my father, Don Cowles, is a custom knife maker. His site is Each year my wife, my daughter, and myself join him in Atlanta, Georgia for the world's largest knife show, appropriately named The Blade Show. I have been going for about eleven years now. The craftsmanship, innovation, and art is phenomenal. Sure you have the para-military types and psycho geeks, but the majority of makers and collectors are every day people who appreciate fine tools and value their rights to defend themselves and their loved ones. Most will tell you don't take JUST a knife to a gun fight!

I received the following e-mail and am deeply concerned. I hope you will be also and will ACT on that concern!

Knife Rights <> Chairman Doug Ritter will be Tom Gresham's guest this Sunday on Tom's nationally syndicated Gun Talk radio show. The topic will be Customs' proposal to rescind earlier rulings that Assisted Opening Pocketknives are not Switchblades. This new interpretation is so broadly crafted as to endanger almost any folding pocketknife. Doug will explain the 63-page document, discuss the potential ramifications for law-abiding knife owners in the U.S., as well as how you can help Knife Rights defeat this over-reaching by Customs. Note that this is not just an issue for imported knives, and Doug will explain how that works. This is very serious attempt to limit your right to own and carry the pocketknife of your choice. If allowed to stand, it would endanger the entire knife industry. Join over 250,000 listeners and tune in to Doug and Tom on Sunday to learn more. Doug will appear as the first guest, starting at 1:00 PM Central Time. Some stations, including Sirius/XM satellite, carry the show on a delayed basis.

Check at for times and stations.

Additional information on this Customs ruling can be found at

Doug Ritter

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet...

It seems Twitter is one of those love it or hate it applications. I'm still not sure where I fall into the mess. I'm not much of an exhibitionist or voyeur and I really value privacy. My entrepreneur friends and family say it is an invaluable tool. I don't get it. Somebody 'splain me, PLEASE!

Here's mine;

Feel free to add me and I promise I won't share any marathon internal monologues debating life changing dilemmas over the decision to make pancakes or waffles!

I have recently started to use Friend Feed, which seems to merge the social networks together. Kind of handy if I need to be here.

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