Monday, September 25, 2017

It's Called "Work" For A Reason

Each NFL team is a franchise. The teams have rules they have to abide by, as do the players. The games aren't a sport first, they are a business and a workplace.

You don't get free speech at any job. You represent the company and its interests or you quit or get fired. It's common sense, a good work ethic, and called being an adult.

It is the League's job to police the teams and the teams' to police their players and employees. The league should suspend any team's franchise that blatantly allows its employees to jeopardize its wellbeing, if not its very existence. It reasonably follows that those players who attempt to deliberately hijack their workplace should be fired, banned from playing, and possibly have to buy out their contracts.
There will always be things worth protesting. There will also always be appropriate places to do so.
Should an ethical vegan be allowed to work the register at McDonald's and expect to be permitted to wear a "Meat Is Murder!" pin on their uniform while working and keep their job? Of course not!
The National Football League needs to quit negotiating with PC terrorists, stay out of politics, and run like a business.
Last but not least, as an autonomous adult and a veteran, nobody gets to tell me when to be offended or who I have to boycott. If we'd all start thinking for ourselves, we wouldn't be such easy tools.
It should be pointed out to owners, players, coaches, and other team and league employees that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country.
American sports have a huge history for being a platform for racial equality. These protests dishonor that by once again making everything about race.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Meek Shall Inherit Shit

As I watched the news report on the latest school shooting, this one outside of Spokane, Washington with the shooter being a sophomore
, I contemplated the death of the warrior culture as we know it in America. I blame these school shootings on rampant political correctness much more than on the supposed gun culture.

As a former police officer, sailor, and soldier, I know a little about the warrior mindset. Its crucial values are honesty, courage, loyalty, character, probity, accountability, tenacity, preparedness, awareness, training, adaptability, brotherhood, and love. No one fights for anything that they don't love, even if it's fighting for money, status, or power. If you haven't already, watch the movie Hacksaw Ridge with your children. The protagonist is the epitome of a warrior and a hero. There are times when violence is the answer, but if you hide behind a gun thinking it will make you a man, you are sadly mistaken.

Our motivation is either to move towards things or away from them. Our children are left directionless and floundering in luxury, often, even among our poor compared to much of the world. Developing character (morals), strong work ethics, and useful skills seems to have fallen by the wayside as rabid consumerism skyrockets.

America's testosterone riddled youth have substituted guns, violence, and video games for manhood after being repeatedly castrated by effeminate progressives who continually create single family homes and homes where both parents work. They are taught that defending themselves is wrong, yet bullies are too often just misunderstood. Brutal pieces of shit who have no respect for life or anything in it are killed by law enforcement during the commission of violent crimes and they are the victims. It's all about race and their families are awarded millions of dollars in damages.

What many Liberals, in their entitled delusions, fail to understand is that they are a protected class, but the people who protect them are not property or servants to be scorned or chastised, but volunteers. If those people, our military and law enforcement, decided it wasn't worth it, most liberals would discover true justice by being devoured by tyranny, violent criminals, and meanies everywhere. They, as a class, would be consumed from within, like a snake eating its own tail.

Until we warriors take responsibility (we are sheepdogs, not sheeple) for our flocks and ruthlessly and consistently, with the fury of a syphilitic banshee, expound upon the pure evil and insanity of political correctness and educate people on the realities that surround us, we may as well hand our way of life and our testicles over to those who would be clueless what to do with them.

Let's take a moment to think about cause and effect and mercy, grace, and justice. Mercy is not getting punished. Grace is receiving something positive that you did not earn or deserve. Justice is getting exactly what you deserve, both good and bad; aka reaping what you sow. How long would an emasculated, gender neutral, fearful, and no longer protected society be able to sustain itself from its safe spaces amid pious bibliophiles and pseudo-intellectuals with no real life experience? Justice would destroy them and everyone within their proximity.

We don't get do overs in real life. It's either start over from scratch, learn the lesson and move on to the next one, or game over. What'll it be, folks?

R.I.P., Sam Strahan. Your watch is over.

For those of you wondering, I do not hate liberals, I just believe most have been deceived and are seriously misguided. I have many wonderful and big-hearted liberal friends. I have a strong libertarian bent and tend to be socially liberal while usually being fiscally conservative.

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