Sunday, October 18, 2015

Every Day Concealed Carry

I picked up an XDs 9mm 4.0" about an month ago and I couldn't be happier with it. It fits snug, conceals easily, and shoots like a much bigger gun. It's small enough that I don't have to dress around it with just an IWB holster, T-shirt, and cargo shorts. It is a year round EDC pistol. People yammer on about higher capacity, but I am no longer an active duty sailor, soldier, or LEO. I am a civilian with a CWP. My job is not to rush into danger, but to survive it and extricate myself and my loved ones as quickly and efficiently as possible, If I cannot do that with two magazines and a total of 15 rounds, I probably don't deserve too. Except in the movies and zombie/Rambo fantasies, law abiding civilians with good situational awareness and common sense about their haunts and activities do not get into firefights requiring more rounds than that. I keep another 100 rounds in my glove box and 100 more in my bug out bag if I needed to get home in a SHTF scenario. 


 If someone comes into my house uninvited, I already know I have a threat/problem, and you can expect my FN FNS-9 housegun to have 18 rounds in it and more waiting. I just read a very enlightening articles on handgun stopping power. As a former LEO, soldier, and sailor, and once again a civilian CWP, it was a big paradigm shift. I have house guns and concealed carry guns and tended to put the same defensive ammo in both.

Now I'll think twice. Mindset.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Chronic Likers: A Facebook Page Admin's Dilemma

When you are a webmaster or an admin (administrator) for a facebook page or group, new members are greatly appreciated. In fact they are your life's blood and reason for being there, whether you're there to make a profit or not. Unfortunately, some tend to suffer from hero worship-like tendencies and be underfoot like a litter of puppies fresh from their nap. They willfully and wantonly like each and every single post, picture, edit, and reply as quickly as their mouse ("Clicker" in Liker lingo) will allow.

As an Admin, you get notified of each and every comment, post, or like. When your phone tells you you have 72 facebook notifications and 60+ are from one guy in the last fifteen minutes (who could not possibly have read all of the posts and visited the links that he liked and LOLed) he does as much damage to your productivity and peace of mind as a troll. You have to look at each one from him and everyone else to keep the page or group from blowing up. Are they mentally ill, cyber-stalkers, drunk, high, ignorant newbies, needy, or trolls? It seems like a genuine compulsion. I manage several groups, pages, and sites and see it regularly. Far, far, far too regularly. I call it the New Best Friend Syndrome. These chosen ones are the newly converted.

I have had people get furious when I politely and diplomatically  explained about the notifications and asked them to curb their enthusiasm. (Please LIKE all of my blog posts, subscribe, share them, and tell all of your friends to subscribe! That's different!)

Other than mental illness, I can't explain it. Often these folks will have less than a hundred facebook friends, but seem to be at it around the clock. I guess it beats playing solitaire and it does get someone's attention.

How do you vent your frustration without coming across as ungrateful (or unhinged)?

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