Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Gun Control Doesn't Work

Gun control has never worked out well for those being controlled. (See World History)

Things like gun free zones are pure insanity in my opinion. Our natural defensive tools like teeth, claws, intelligence, awareness, and speed all need to be amplified when we start forcing ourselves and our children like cattle into cages with limited exits (like offices, classrooms, etc). You are trying to override the fight or flight instinct.

There are over 300 million firearms in America that will not disappear due to any legislation. When you threaten to defang and declaw honest people denying them the right and ability to defend themselves, they will dig in and fight back ferociously.

Attempting to punish people for crimes committed by others or potential future crimes (while lacking any motive, even if opportunity and means are potentially there) creates further division. I could punch people in the head any day of the week, but just because I have hands that can be used as fists doesn't mean I want to keep them to hurt people.

Twisted Faces - Caricature Art from Rock Cowles

Twisted Faces - Caricature Art from Rock Cowles
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