Friday, June 14, 2019

Its "Blank" Pride Month... Again.

Gay pride is wonderful, but white pride is a racist hate crime. Black Lives Matter, but if you say Blue Lives Matter then cops getting killed is part of the job they signed up for.

When you set aside a group or individual for equal rights they become untouchable special interests. I'm so done with Political Correctness trying to strip away our first amendment rights and pit us against each other. You have a right to have your opinions and to express them even if the great majority of people think you're an asshole for doing so.

Political Correctness is anti-evolutionary. It is an attempt to make an environment or group adapt to the individual. A man-bun sporting barista who can't throw a grenade forty feet and needs a safe space because of unflattering tweets will go the way of the Dodo Bird.

I'm a straight white male and I love myself. I don't love myself because I'm a straight white male, but I won't be told to hold it against myself or that someone else is more entitled to something we both want because they aren't straight, white, or male. I can be all three of those without harming anyone, their property, or their opportunities. Promote merit.

Generalization is the cornerstone of learning. Familiarity offers comfort, understanding, and security. Human nature is such that people like people that are like themselves. If we are no longer struggling to survive hand to mouth then we can entertain the notion of tolerance, but there will always be a pecking order and priorities.

Stop the hate. Stop believing the lies. If a business can reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, so can you. When we quit trying to force it, maybe it'll come naturally.

I'm for equal rights for all. When is Tattooed Single AF Ignostic Minarchist Month?

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