Thursday, September 18, 2008

My First 3/4 profile 3D Caricature

Prior to my joining the NCN, a lot of my art was fairly stagnant (I realize now). One of the things I didn't do was side or 3/4 views on my 3D Caricatures, because the images would fragment if I tried to add a bevel. I learned how to get around that, piecemeal, but never got around to challenging myself to do one. I have been stretching myself a lot here, and took several risks with a caricature I owed a friend. For one thing he is almost at a 3/4 view. For another, he is doing something other than standing there and maybe holding something. I thought I'd share it. I'm pretty jazzed.

Thanks for letting me share,


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Twisted Faces - Caricature Art from Rock Cowles
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