Friday, January 16, 2009


Santa Claus pooped down our chimney and we don't even have a fireplace!

Looking for rental house/double-wide or rent to own. 2-4 BDRM/1.5+ BATH, 1,000 SQ FT or more. No trailer parks, crack neighborhoods, or high crime areas. Must allow one small housebroken and well behaved house dog. Need by February first. $600.00 or less. Spartanburg / Boiling Springs / Moore areas.

Hi All,

Things have been looking up lately. I scraped together a few pennies to get some broken teeth fixed and with some web site work had a Border Terrier puppy on the way at the end of the month! Alas, God said, "Uh uh, Buddy." The man who owns the land my trailer is on called me yesterday morning as I was having the serpentine belt, both tensioners, and coolant jug replaced on my Taurus after they went out the day before. He told me he had sold all fourteen acres of his land, including the one my trailer is on. I knew this was a possibility, but he said I would have six months notice. Nope. Yesterday he told me we have thirty days to find a place and be moved out! ARRRGH! Fortunately, he said he would buy the trailer back for a whopping five hundred dollars, so we don't have to pay to move it.

Unfortunately, we don't know where we are going to move. We'd like to stay in Spartanburg County since its where Marecho works and most of our friends are. We are trying to find something decent with the rent at or under $600.00 a month if at all possible (I rented my land, with water, for $100 a month, so that's a big jump!).
If anyone knows of any rental properties in a decent neighborhood or out in the country, or of anyone who might have some, please e-mail or call me ASAP!

We have two small dogs and Fat Dazey needs to go with us. I don't think Big Pink would adjust well to communal living. She barks at cars (we don't get many at the end of a deadend street in the country, is not fond of cats, and is a tad rowdy. She is housebroken and plays well with other dogs. She is also very sweet. The best guess I can manage is that she is a Basset Hound/Lab/terrier mix, about two or three years old, and she weighs about thirty pounds. She needs a good home ASAP, preferably with a fenced yard or someone home most of the time. We have a crate and doghouse for her too. Please call if you can help.

Its not the end of the world. The trailer is falling apart and cluttered. Its entirely possible we are being blessed rather than cursed.
We'll see when the dust settles!

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