Monday, March 16, 2009

After you are gone

Its said that W. C. Fields left large amounts of money in various bank accounts around the country using aliases. These were lost when he died.

I recently had some severe chest pains that turned out to be a hiatal hernia. It makes you think though. My wife and others close to me are not privy to all of my online activities or aware of all of my friendships here and on other sites.

What happens to all of your internet connections, accounts, web sites, on-line friends, and passwords if you die unexpectedly? I have wondered and worried about this. Because of that, I have tried to let my clients be as autonomous as possible, having them register their own domain names and use their own hosting.

Putting all of your account information and passwords on a jump drive and leaving it in a safe deposit box or with a spouse or trusted friend is one alternative.

These might be other viable solutions.

This was a good article on the subject:

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