Monday, February 14, 2011

Mensa Fitness Challenge

I've been in Mensa, the so called high IQ Society, off and on for over twenty years. My belief has long been that intelligence is a gift. I didn't do anything to earn it or to give me a reason to be proud of it. Having it is not as important as what I do with it, like any other talent or gift.

I was thinking earlier today that Mensa might just be one of the greatest groups of underachievers anywhere. We obviously have some bright shining stars, but as a whole, we seem to be average in most categories. I think we totally bomb the fitness group, reinforcing the nerd geek stereotype.

I think everyone in Mensa has been asked at least one question that started with. "If you are so smart, then why do/don't, are/aren't you _____(Fill in the blank). Most of the answers ring hollow, whether the blank is rich, in charge, famous, highly successful, perfect, happy, or other.

I'm digging around in Timothy Ferriss' new book, "The 4 Hour Body" and wondering if we had a Mensa Fitness Challenge how we would do compared to the average Joe. I shudder to think.

What mark will you leave? What have you contributed to the human race and your great grandchildren's future? What have you done with your gift? Its like the parable of the talents.

Can we, the brightest minds, devise a workable fitness plan for the masses and ourselves?

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