Monday, January 16, 2012

My NFL Predictions

I've spent more time this year watching post season NFL football games than I have NFL football games any other year. Getting to know the teams makes a world of difference. If you grow up in or around Chicago, you are a Bears fan. Period. And you HATE the Green Bay Packers. Period. The rare looney would like the Steelers, Raiders, or Cowboys, and be considered a freak, but to like, or even say anything complimentary about the Packers, was akin to making someone's mother eat poop. It was just an inconceivably traitorous act. The big giant No No, even for non-diehard fans. It was Da Bears or anybody but the Packers. Anybody.

I haven't lived in Illinois for over twenty years. I was impressed by Aaron Rogers when the Packers beat the Bears (GASP!). His State Farm commercials wee quite charismatic too. My old buddy Mammoth almost took away my Chicago Bears Card when I mentioned on facebook that I caught myself rooting for the Packers before the Giants ate their lunch. Close call! Anywho, I almost think I'm getting the gist of this whole thing and thought I'd stick my neck out and run my mouth by making some predictions.

My NFL Predictions:

Conference Championships:

AFC: New England Patriots over Baltimore Ravens by 7 points.

NFC: New York Giants over San Fransisco 49ers by 10 points.

Super Bowl: New York Giants over New England Patriots by 14 points.

1 comment:

  1. My point spread for the Division Championships was off, but I got both teams right! I think the Super Bowl will be a tight, close game!


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