Wednesday, July 3, 2013

R.I.P., Max.

I see a lot of hate and ignorance being spewed out at the police officer who shot a two year old Rottweiler named Max a couple of days ago. Max was doing what he was supposed to do. So was the police officer who shot him. His owner was not. Whether the other officers who arrested him were is yet to be seen. It is a sad situation. Max's racist owner wanted to get arrested and cared more about it than his dog. He has tried to sue that department a half dozen times according to the news. I like most dogs more than most people.

I was a police officer and know a police officer who was maimed by a dog while on the job because he did not shoot. Max clearly lunged at the officer. I'm sure the officer who shot Max feels horrible. Walk a beat in any officer's shoes before you judge him.

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