Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cognitive Dissonance, Ignosticism, Logic, and Questions About God

I spent a great deal of my life studying religion and philosophy and searching for truth. It turns out that disproof is far easier than proof to find in those realms. After having been a Unitarian, an atheist, and a Christian, and studying numerous religions while visiting churches of many faiths and denominations, temples (Buddhist, Jewish, Baha'i), mosques, fellowships, supposed cults, and sometimes who knows what, I have embraced Ignosticism. To me, it became the only honest and intelligent choice.

I am an atheist; I do not believe in god/s. I am an agnostic; I do not know if any gods exist. I am an Ignostic: I have no evidence that god/s can be defined, explained, or recognized by human beings if said gods exist, and if they do and want to interact, they (He, She, It, They) will make their presence undeniably known to human kind in no uncertain terms. Below are some tools to rational thinking that have been useful and extremely interesting.

This is a great web site that explains logical fallacies. I wish the study of it was mandatory for any adult wishing to have potentially intelligent discussions. I'm not seeking to debate with or deconvert anyone, just sharing part of my path that I think can be beneficial to anyone with an open mind who is trying to discover truth.


Cognitive Dissonance definition (or Why Evidence Often Doesn't Seem To Matter To Some Folks)


Here are two excellent web sites that pose a multitude of very legitimate questions for anyone who was indoctrinated into any Judaeo Christian faith.





Above all, don't poop where you eat.

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