Sunday, October 18, 2015

Every Day Concealed Carry

I picked up an XDs 9mm 4.0" about an month ago and I couldn't be happier with it. It fits snug, conceals easily, and shoots like a much bigger gun. It's small enough that I don't have to dress around it with just an IWB holster, T-shirt, and cargo shorts. It is a year round EDC pistol. People yammer on about higher capacity, but I am no longer an active duty sailor, soldier, or LEO. I am a civilian with a CWP. My job is not to rush into danger, but to survive it and extricate myself and my loved ones as quickly and efficiently as possible, If I cannot do that with two magazines and a total of 15 rounds, I probably don't deserve too. Except in the movies and zombie/Rambo fantasies, law abiding civilians with good situational awareness and common sense about their haunts and activities do not get into firefights requiring more rounds than that. I keep another 100 rounds in my glove box and 100 more in my bug out bag if I needed to get home in a SHTF scenario. 


 If someone comes into my house uninvited, I already know I have a threat/problem, and you can expect my FN FNS-9 housegun to have 18 rounds in it and more waiting. I just read a very enlightening articles on handgun stopping power. As a former LEO, soldier, and sailor, and once again a civilian CWP, it was a big paradigm shift. I have house guns and concealed carry guns and tended to put the same defensive ammo in both.

Now I'll think twice. Mindset.

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