Saturday, April 30, 2016

Running Naked With Scissors

When we see a pretty fit woman with an average looking or overweight man we tend to think "I wonder what's wrong with her?" or maybe "He must be rich or scare horses running around in his birthday suit." Perhaps it is none of the above and it's not a matter of something being wrong with her, but something being right. She isn't superficial or judgmental, but sees all that he has to offer just by being who he is.

Many of us strive to be or even claim to be loving and nonjudgmental, but it's not how we live. If it was, we'd have arranged marriages or Tinder would assign us partners without pictures and we'd be ecstatic. Being a janitor would be as good as being a neurosurgeon. In order to be truly honest with others, we must first be honest with ourselves about our beliefs, desires, limitations, and dreams.

We must also recognize that as we age we change. We are not the same person at fifty as we were at twenty or even thirty five. As we gain new life experiences it pays to reexamine who we are and to step away our friends biases, cultural prejudices and expectations, formal education, religious teachings, and out of our parents' shadows and set our own courses.

Until we form our own beliefs, we are slaves of the past and can never be free.

"The unexamined life is not worth living." - Plato

"No generalization is worth a damn, including this one." - Anonymous

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