Monday, October 14, 2019

My Burger for a Kingdom

Burger King has been busy lately. I usually don't frequent their establishments, but wanted to try their two newest endeavors; The meatless Impossible Whopper and the Pretzel Bacon King. The Impossible Whopper was totally unconvincing, highly overpriced, and to say it was mediocre would be a great kindness. From the first bite, the taste and texture were way off. I've never experienced a slimy aftertaste before, yet they somehow managed to put it in there.

The Pretzel Bacon King was the absolute best burger I have had at any restaurant, bar none, not just fast food, in decades. A little heavy on the mustard, but the pretzel bun was exquisite, the burger tasty and juicy, and the bacon was as bacony as bacon can be. I hope they will have the wisdom to make it a permanent choice on their menu.
Burger King #deathtomeat #carnivoreforlife #burgerking #impossiblewhopper #pretzelbaconking

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