Monday, January 20, 2014

Size Still Matters

Once again, I am hoping to find a special lady. The online dating sites are vicious meat markets, but if you don't get out a lot or work with the public, they are a bit of the only game in town. Of all my preferences that I state, the one that gets the most comments is always my statement that I am rarely attracted to BBWs (Big Beautiful Women). I'm not denying that there are some gorgeous plus sized women out there, but the great majority of them don't get my heart thumping and my motor running. Faking it because of their other great qualities is living a lie and it doesn't change things. "Fake it until you make it" is not an option. The heart knows what the heart wants.

Women assume that because I am a big guy I will like or settle for big girls. Not the case, nor is it a fair or reasonable assumption. I realize some ladies won't be attracted to me in anything other than a platonic way because of my size. I can accept it or I can change. That is within my power. Same for the ladies.

Different people carry weight differently and some bigger folks have a lot of muscle tone as well as padding. Grace and movement are big factors too.

I've seen women thirty pounds overweight who look like Mrs. Potatohead and others who are eighty pounds overweight who are graceful, light on their feet, and sexy.

I'm packing a good bit of extra weight, but I'm built like a linebacker and play volleyball and still jump and block. Not exactly sloppy fat or a formless blob, but I still desire to take it off. I've quit smoking numerous times and it always plays havoc with my weight. Despite medical issues, I alone am responsible for what goes in my mouth and that is the ultimate factor in what one weighs.

I don't whip out a bathroom scale on the first (or any) date, but I know where I feel comfortable and attracted. Its not a matter of who will be better in bed or look good on my arm. Its who I am drawn to aesthetically and emotionally. I don't have a type, but I prefer slim, athletic, or average built ladies. Don't get me started on what women consider an average build! What attracts me fluctuates. What doesn't, not so much. Unfortunately, it seems to be the way of the world and very few of us are exempt from it.

America is mostly overweight. We pay for it in health, at the workplace, socially, and in love.

That's just my two cents.

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