Saturday, December 31, 2016

Year's End.

2016 has seemed like a long year! It didn't have Shingles and MRSA like 2015, but it wasn't quite a cakewalk either. We lost my stepdaughter, Jessica, but gained my granddaughter, Rhiannon. She isn't a replacement, but she is a gift. Health issues seem to have a lot of my life on hold, but I've still managed to get out and meet new people and make some pretty decent friends. The Packers have come back nicely after their own health issues and injuries. Big surgery, #37, coming up in late January and with any luck, I'll have more success this time and can move forward. My social life, mental well-being, and finances would all like a break. I'm so freaking glad we only have presidential elections every four years! I will continue to try to stand for our veterans, repealing cannabis prohibition and ending the War on Drugs, and defend all of our rights which are only protected by our second amendment rights, to hold our elected officials accountable, to embrace my friends & family, libertarianism, freedom, an open mind, and the opportunities we still have in this great country. We don't need government to fix it; it's ours, not theirs. We are promised nothing in this life and that is what it owes us. It's easy to let it slip by. I rewatched The Bucket List last night with my then visiting mother. It's a great movie and strong reminder that we are here to live, not just toil, age, and die. Instead of New Year's resolutions, make a bucket list and live like your life was temporary and fleeting. Have a glorious and wonderful new year. It is ours for the taking! Maybe 2017 will be the year I see double digit followers on my blog! (

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